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Ages 3 1/2 and up!

Program options include:
Kids American Kenpo Karate (Age 3 1/2 & up)
Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Age 6 & up)
Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Age 6 & up)

Kids American Kenpo Karate - American Kenpo Karate is not just another activity. Its not just another sport. It's a priceless, life-changing experience. Our Kids Kenpo Karate classes are good, clean fun and a great way to give kids a head start on life. At American Black Belt Academy in Massapequa Park, they'll learn the positive benefits of self-discipline, confidence, coordination development, self defense and increased strength and flexibility. Because a structure of respect is built into our Kids Karate program, children develop the ability to listen, learn and achieve within a highly regulated environment. American Kenpo Karate is a modern self-defense art, which is characterized by the use of quick moves in rapid-fire succession. Kenpo movements will help develop better coordination, increased strength and flexibility. Our students are also taught the art of boxing by developing hand speed, punching power, footwork, stamina and strong defensive skills. In addition to devastating hand strikes, each student is taught the finer points of all the Martial Arts kicks while concentrating on power and technique. Our classes provide an incredible cardiovascular workout - keeping children challenged physically and mentally.
Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a discipline for life. Our goal through the teaching of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to give your child the ultimate preparation for bullies and the confidence to resist peer pressure. Our classes will teach proper defensive and offensive skills to keep them safe if they ever needed to protect themselves on the ground. By learning proper defense, takedowns, sweeps, submissions and positional control, our Jiu Jitsu classes will give your child not only a great workout but the confidence and skill to keep them safe and in great shape! Our Jiu Jitsu classes keep your child challenged physically and mentally while providing an amazing cardiovascular workout! In our Kids Jiu Jitsu classes, we instill in our students the qualities that will help them throughout their lives. Through the principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the kids learn that Commitment, Respect, Focus, Self-Discipline, Hard Work and Effort always make for a rewarding experience and bring positive results. 


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