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Now it’s easier than ever to get into the best shape of your life. We offer the best fitness kickboxing and boot camp programs in the Massapequa Park area. We have price packages available to fit any budget with convenient class times available in the mornings and evenings with weekday morning babysitting available. Check out the schedule for classes here and then come in for a free trial class!


Kickboxing offers a full body workout with increased cardiovascular benefits. Burn calories, increase muscle definition and strengthen your torso! Our kickboxing program offers a unique opportunity to work every muscle in your body from head to toe. Not only does it offer one of the greatest calorie-burning opportunities in fitness, it's a tremendous tool for building strength and flexibility. Get yourself in class with a heavy bag, hand wraps or a pair of gloves and go! Rarely do we stumble across kickboxers who are not ripped. Want to be like them? Do what they do!
Our Booty Camp class is guaranteed to kick your butt! This is the ultimate fitness class combining elements for all of our classes. Get ready for a total body workout using free weights, medicine balls and suspension trainers. No class is ever the same!  
Kick and Tone is a time-efficient, interval-style women’s fitness workout that yields great results. Cardio kickboxing drills and combinations improve aerobic endurance and burn calories. Athletic drills – incorporated as short bursts – challenge the body aerobically, mixing strength training that targets large muscle groups and improves muscular endurance. Many people complain about not having enough time to exercise; the classes we offer at our academy conveniently located in Massapequa Park are an hour long. We guarantee that you'll leave loving every minute!
Here at American Black Belt Academy we truly believe that being in great shape is an important form of self defense. Introducing our new MMA Fight Fit classes. Fight Fit is the ultimate fitness class combining the principles of Circuit and Suspension Training and Mixed Martial Arts. Train like a fighter in a class that strengthens you physically and mentally. Our intense, high energy conditioning drills, coupled with techniques from Boxing, Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu will build your cardio and muscular endurance like you’ve only imagined. This class is available to all students in our Adult Martial Arts program and our Fitness Program.

First class is always FREE!

All of our fitness classes are designed specifically for people of all fitness levels, especially beginners! 

To inquire further about our fitness classes, please contact us in Massapequa, NY at 516-795-8531.

Learn more about our fitness programs today!

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